Open call


First Call for Benefits (21st of september to 21st of october 2012)

Funds allocations (*):

  • Education / training: 175.000
  • Wellfare intervention: 75.000
  • Other benefits: 50.000 €.

To access the call for benefits, you can do this in two ways

  1. Dowload this form and forward it by e-mail to the local representative of the Foundation in your area.
  2. Fill in the online benefits application form you see below
(*) Amounts allocated to each chapter are indicative and limits can be transferred among them according to the type of benefits requested. Therefore, the Board of Trustees may increase the budget if these limits are exceeded, anticipating funds of future calls, as the case may be.


Online benefits application form

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    Please describe your requirement with all details that you deem useful for the Evaluation Committee:

    In your opinion, which type of benefit among those offered by the Foudation will better fit your demand?

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    You may be requested to provide further details, clarifications or documents.

    We will keep you updated about your application status.