Mision and scope

The purpose of Indal Foundation is:

“To contribute to improving all beneficiaries living conditions and welfare, education levels and occupational integration, whilst also supporting and encouraging entrepreneurial, innovation and research values and encouraging their personal initiatives aimed at job creation, self-employment and ultimately the creation of wealth”.
The Foundation will mainly focus its activities as detailed below:

  • To promote, assist or finance the beneficiaries’ work, studies, investigations or activities.
  • Encourage and promote the beneficiaries’ professional training.
  • Facilitate the beneficiaries’ integration and employability, especially through work experience or similar professional stages and training across the companies where they are integrated.
  • Promote, support and encourage research projects in all areas of knowledge, driven by the Beneficiaries.
  • Promote, support and encourage projects for the creation or development of the Beneficiaries’ business initiatives.
  • To promote any other activity with a clear social purpose, whether driven by the Beneficiaries or addressed to cover their social needs.
  • Create, sustain, help through temporary or permanent means those institutions, care centers or individuals carrying out or in need of medical support or care for the beneficiaries, thereby addressing situations of special need, especially those resulting out of any type of ailment, illness, dependency status, etc ..
  • Donations, advanced payments, grants and subsidies of all kinds, fellowships and scholarships for the Beneficiaries to carry out the activities hereby mentioned.